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A course graduate will know how to study effectively and use learning techiniques and strategies. One will be able to use goal-setting and self-motivation tools to keep the learning energy high. One will learn how to plan and prioritize their language development years after the course is completed. Below is a language coaching course content.

Unit 1   

Why do I want to study?

How to study speaking?

Unit 2   

What stops me from studying a language?

Dealing with speaking barriers.

Unit 3   

Where am I now and how much I want to invest?

How to study vocabulary part 1.

Unit 4   

Setting up my studying goals.

How to study vocabulary part 2.

Unit 5   

Scheduling my day-to-day studies.

Creating my own vocabulary repetition system.

Unit 6   

Motivation checklist.

Passive listening technique.

Unit 7   

Time management in studying languages.


How to study reading and writing.

Unit 8   

Planning techniques: the to-do list.

How to learn grammar.

Unit 9   

Getting well organized.

Dealing with multitasking and distractions.

Using grammar in speaking.

Unit 10

Putting my English into active practice.

Inside and outside motivation.

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