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  • 15+ years as a General English and Business English teacher (including 12 years of teaching online).

  • 15,000+ hours of teaching English

  • 4,500+ successful graduate students (99,5% fully satisfied)

  • 50+ companies trained

  • 25+ teachers trained and mentored

  • Working and traveling for the last 20 years, lived in 5 different countries. Educated in New York, US, and London, UK. At the moment based in Munich, Germany.

Coach and Mentor

  • 6+ years of coaching experience

  • Language coach

  • Life coach

  • Business coach

  • Management and leadership corporate trainer

  • Specializes in four core soft skills - communication, motivation, time management and emotional inteligence

"I use my coaching expertise in teaching English. My courses include a complete A-Z language motivation program that puts you on the right track of studying process. I also teach you how to learn more effectively. It keeps your energy and enthusiasm high and drives you to your final language success."

Teaching style

Based on Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) that develops all skills of English, however it highly focuses on speaking skills. "I teach general and business English supported with a language coaching program. Business English course is supported with a business coaching program. I teach you how to self-study vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, writing, reading, and pronunciation. I am a teacher, motivator, and mentor. I teach practical English that gets you speaking English from the first lesson."

Results driven

I am a result-driven teacher. What does it mean? "I focus on my students results. Achieving their language goals is my pripority. When starting a course with me, we answer four key questions that guarantee final success:

1. Where are you now with your English language skills?

2. Where do you want to be and why?

3. How much time and other resources do you need to get there?

4. How and what to study to get there and how to modify your lifestyle to support it?"

Tracking your progress

I am your productivity coach and time management mentor. "I develop your planning and prioritizing skills. You become a very well-organized and productive student who knows what to study, how to study, and when to study. I provide you with a personal action plan that organizes your studying program and tracks your progress throughout the course."

Passion and energy

I am a passionate and energetic teacher. "My lessons are practical and interesting.  We study vocabulary and grammar through speaking which is very effective and interactive. I keep your enthusiasm high by motivating you through my A-Z language motivation program. I am a demanding teacher who positively stimulates your self-discipline. At the same time, I develop your productivity and creativity. Thanks to that you feel motivated to every day studying routine that finally drives you to your language success."

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"Hi, my name is Peter Zajaczkowsky and I will lift your English up to another level!"


Happy Man

Francesco from Italy

I value quality in every aspect of my life. I am a professional who found the highest standards here,  especially teaching (Peter is an amazing teacher and motivator). My business English skills skyrocketed! Shortly after starting my course with Peter, I was speaking with confidence at meetings and conferences, not mentioning business dinners and small talks. I also improved my email writing skills. I recommend it to all professionals who would like to improve their English for good!

Closeup of person with snow

Anna from Poland

I had been studing English for 10 years when I found High Quality English. I couldn't believe how much time I wasted on different courses before. After one year of studying here, I made the progress I hadn't made for 10 years! I love our live lessons as I can speak almost all the time. I finally understood how to study to get better and faster results. I can balance my busy life with studying English very well. It's amazing how huge progress I have made and how much motivated I am now! I am able to set up my language goals! Five stars school!

Girl with Grey Tshirt

Claudia from Spain

An excellent option for everybody who is serious about learning English. I am studying general and business English with Peter and I finally notice significant progress. I have learned how to study grammar and vocabulary and now I am more organized. Studying became easy! I have a studying plan and I know when to study and how to study. I love interactive self-study lessons. They are very interesting and fun. I can watch them many times and revise. It's very convenient. Peter is a great teacher and motivator. He is very professional and he is a great reason for my excellent results. Thank you!

...and these are only three chosen testimonials out of over four thousand positive opinions!

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