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Business coaching

A course graduate will learn the fundamentals of motivation and will find out what motivates them at work personally.


All in English and learning English!


One will understand the importance of motivation at work and how to avoid burnout. One will be able to use modern self-motivation techniques and strategies incl. time management and work-life balance. Thanks to that, one will work more efficiently and will present better work energy. Below is the course content.

Bear in mind that the Business Coaching course is a part of the broader Business English course which consists of

Business English

Business Coaching

Language Coaching

If you are interested in the Business Coaching course only, contact us here or send us an e-mail at

Business Coaching

The content

Unit 1   

Motivation at work: concepts 1

Unit 2   

Motivation at work: concepts 2

Unit 3   

Motivation at work: burnout and perfectionism

Unit 4   

Motivation at work: inside and outside motivators

Unit 5   

Motivation at work: producing high quality work and the concept of FLOW

Unit 6   

Motivation at work: colleagues I like working with

Unit 7   

Motivation at work: colleagues I do not like working with – how to be assertive

Unit 8   

Motivation at work: emotional intelligence (EQ) - stress and conflict management

Unit 9   

Motivation at work: Time management – Prioritizing

Unit 10

Motivation at work: Time management – Planning and dealing with distractions

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